River Claims Project


Through recent geological research in Lillooet River Valley, one of the most resource-rich mining sites in all of British Columbia, independent test results confirm the presence of gold, silver and other precious metals in addition to rare earth elements.


Extensive commercial mining of the river claims is now being launched offering extraordinary return potential to our investors and stockholders.  


REPORT 43-101

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Interesting values for a number of rare earth elements were also noted in the four concentrate samples analyzed.
The author of the report noted fine visible gold in two of the three panned concentrates he took during the property examination.
The presence of three areas of auriferous terrace gravels makes the River Claims property a property of merit worthy of further exploration.
Placer gold has been known on the Lillooet River since the gold seekers began working north from Vancouver in the 1850's. Exploration has been sporadic since gold was rediscovered on the river in the 1960's.
Placer gold deposits account for more than two-thirds of the world's gold reserves and about 25% of known total production in British Columbia.
A total of 3 concentrate samples have been analyzed for gold, with 4 analyzed for platinum group elements and rare earth oxides.




 Properties of Merit Inc. ("POMI"), a Nevada corporation, is a mining operation which has secured production interests in certain placer mining river claims containing gold, silver and other precious metals in addition to rare earth elements located approximately 80 kilometers northeast of Vancouver, Canada in the lower Lillooet River Valley.


Placer gold has been known on the Lillooet River since the 1850's and was rediscovered in the 1960's.  This exploration has predominantly concentrated on the delta of the Lillooet River at the north end of Harrison Lake, along with locations upstream to the outlet of Lillooet Lake.  Primitive mining in the past has proven successful.  Imagine what can be discovered using today's high tech commercial mining technology.


We all know the significance of gold, but do you also know the importance of rare earth elements?


Rare earth elements are essential to many modern technologies including electronics, computers and networking, communications, clean energy, and national defense.  They hold a thousand times their own weight and are a key technology behind the miniaturization of modern gadgets, enabling them to be smaller and lighter.


Now is the time to advance to the next stage of exploration.  We encourage you to join us for the adventure.




The River Claims project is approximately 25 kilometers north of the valley from the main placer holdings centered around the Lillooet River flowing into Harrison Lake.  Placer production is permitted to begin as quickly as equipment infrastructure can be put in place.  A recent 43-101 report on the property showed strong gold values as well as interesting rare earth values.  Several years of exploration have been conducted via pit trenching and surface sampling in order to determine the best area for project startup.



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